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Stainless San mai "Pinbone"

Stainless San mai "Pinbone"

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The "Pinbone" is my take on the classic trailing point knife. It is one of my favorite styles to make, and what I carry myself every day. Extremely practical for pretty much all hunting and fishing tasks. 

This blade is made out of hand made stainless steel San Mai, which means there is a high carbon 80crv2 core with a 304 stainless cladding on the outside. Doing this gives you the edge performance of high carbon steel, and the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. No to mention it just looks bad ass!

The handle is tan linen micarta which is completely waterproof, and will never shrink or swell. Also, it's tougher than nails!

Blade length 4.5"

Overall length 9.5"

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